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PassPilot Pro is a revolutionary app that removes all the clutter when learning to drive, leaving you to focus on what's important - passing your test. Booking and paying for your lessons is all done from the palm of your hand.

Communicate safely and securely with your driving instructor, and ensure you're on track by keeping on top of your progress.

Never forget a lesson

We'll remind you when you've got a driving lesson, and we'll let you know if your instructor is going to be late.

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Book and pay seamlessly

No more juggling arrangements. Book a time and date when your instructor is free, and pay using card or Apple Pay. We'll also let you know if any slots become available sooner.

Keep on track

With a dedicated knowledge base you can make sure you're on the right track to passing your test. Just before the lesson we'll let you know what you'll be covering so when you get in the car you're ready to go!

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Easy pickups

Let your instructor know exactly where to pick you up. Track how many miles you've driven and the route you took. PassPilot also tracks your location during the lesson to make sure you're safe.

Help your fellow students

If you think your instructor is the best in the world, or you've had bad experience, leave a review to let your fellow students know when they choose a driving instructor.

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