Got a quick question?

Here’s a complete set of our Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve tried to cover everything, but if you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered get in touch.


How do I leave a review?

Sign into your account and browse to your instructors profile. Then click leave a review.

How do I sign up?

Signing up takes less than 60 seconds. Click here to start the process now.

How many lessons does it take to pass my test?

The national average is around 47 hours of lessons, to become test ready. However it is important to remember that everyone learns at different rates. Your instructor will tell you how you are progressing and when they believe you are ready to take your test.

I need to report an instructor?

If you’ve had a bad experience or need to report something to us. Email


How do I add a profile photo?

Simply log into your account, and at the top right hover over your name and click ‘Edit Profile’. Then click on the profile photo at the top of the page and click upload photo.

How do I add my target area?

Simply log in, and hover over your name at the top right. Then click edit location.

Make sure when typing in your location you select the nearest place from the suggested list.

How do I edit my profile?

After logging in, simple hover over the top right of the screen where it says Hello and your name. Then click edit profile.

Here’s a quick tutorial video:

How often do you bill me?

We send out invoices at the end of every week. You have 14 days to pay this online.

How will you tell me a student got in touch?

We’ll send you a text message with the students details. You can then make contact from there.

My car isn’t listed as an option?

We’ve listed the most popular cars, if yours isn’t there. Drop us an email to with your details and we’ll get it added.

What if a student didn’t go ahead?

If a student chose not to go ahead with you, drop us a message using the link on your profile and we’ll remove the charge.

What if I think a review is unfair?

Send us an email at and we will investigate it further.


What do you do to ensure my child’s safety?

We take everyone’s safety and privacy extremely seriously.

About PassPilot

Are all reviews genuine?

To our best ability – yes. Keeping reviews genuine is our main goal, we endeavour to make sure that any review you read about an instructor is from a genuine person.

How much does PassPilot cost?

PassPilot is completely free for students.

Instructors can sign up for a free PassPilot Profile. If a student contacts you through us, we ask for a one off £15 fee per student.

What is PassPilot

PassPilot is an online service that helps you students find a driving instructor based on location and reviews.

When will the app be launched?

We’re aiming to launch PassPilot Pro in Q3 of 2017. Sign up to our newsletter for constant updates!

Areas we Cover

PassPilot is available across Kent, with new locations to be rolled out soon across the South East. Can't find where you're looking for? Get in touch we'd love to help!